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Ways to Memorize Bible Verses

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Have you ever wished you could recall verses from the Bible with ease or memorize passages that would bring you comfort and strength in difficult times? If so, you’re not alone. Memorizing Scripture is a powerful way to deepen your understanding of God’s Word and keep it close to your heart. Let me tell you some fun and interesting techniques to help you memorize Bible scripture effectively. 

Write It on An Index Card

A very simple option is to write it on an index card. Get creative with your index cards. Decorate the index cards with the verse you have chosen to write on them. Then use it to review the verse three times a day. In the morning, at lunch, and then dinner. The added bonus is that writing the Bible verse will give you the opportunity to write a summary of the verse in your own words, helping you to add a layer of understanding.


Repeat it, Repeat it, Repeat it

No matter what strategy you follow in memorizing a Bible verse, do it repeatedly. Write it down, speak it out loud, sing it out, pray it, and do it over and over until it is a natural, reflexive action. You don’t want to reduce it to a mindless repeated activity but to slowly press the verse into your memory through repetition.


A colorful way to help memorize Bible verses is to put them on Post-its around the house. Add colorful Post-its where you frequently visit, like the bathroom, in the kitchen, in your car, or at work. As you frequent those areas, read the Bible verse quietly to yourself, then say it out aloud. The more you do this the more the verse engrains in your mind. Remember Post-its come in many sizes and colors, and even shapes, so have fun and post away!

Write the Verse in your Own Words

Summarize the verse in your own words. Look up synonyms that could be a replacement for some of the words in the verse so that you can have a better understanding of the Bible verse and how you could summarize it to memorize it.

Put the Bible Verse to Music


A good friend of Christian’s does this next one all the time. She puts Bible verses to music. You can do this by either using a song that you already know and then putting the words in place of that song. Or flip through your favorite radio station or music provider and find a Christian song that has the verse in it and listen to it.

Use Physical Motions with the Verse

It may sound silly, but adding physical motions to help memorize the verses can be a fun and quick way to memorize the verses. Science will tell you that it helps create a stronger connection as it is engaging multiple parts of the brain. We activate the motor cortex in our brains when we add movement. This movement is linked to the brain’s visual and auditory processing centers, which means that the information we are trying to learn becomes associated with specific actions or motions, creating a stronger memory trace in the brain.

The Bible Memory App

This is a great app that you can use to help you memorize Bible verses. It is a complete Bible memory system that helps you memorize, organize and review verses using kinesthetic, visual, and auditory memory processes. And once it is downloaded, you can use it with or without the internet.


I love using the YouVersion Bible app. This app is used by over a billion people worldwide. It has every version of the Bible, from my understanding. And it comes in multiple languages. It gives a verse of the day with commentary, plus devotional plans of all topics. What is great about that is you are able to use these devotions to help memorize Bible verses. You can also keep track of prayers and set timers to help you remember to pray, to practice your verse, and to read your devotions. Sometimes the day can just get so distracting from all the to-dos and hustle and bustle of worldly tasks that having that reminder comes in handy. Another perk is that it allows you to connect with friends to have them read the devotions as a team or to go through a prayer challenge that is being offered.

Say the Bible Verse Out LOUD!

Did you know that just speaking the words aloud is an excellent way to burn them into your memory? The engagement of multiple senses and areas of the brain help to burn it to memory.  When we read or hear a verse, we primarily use our auditory senses to process the information. However, when we say the verse out loud, we not only engage our auditory senses but also our speech and motor skills. This multi-sensory experience helps to reinforce the memory of the verse in our brains, thus creating a stronger connection between the words and their meaning – making it easier to recall the verse later on and internalizing the message of the verse, making it a part of our identity, rather than just something we have to read or have heard. Take the time to recite it to yourself multiple times a day.

Make It a Game

Make it a personal challenge or a personal game for yourself to memorize the verse. You can write the verse on flashcards, leave keywords blank, and then quiz yourself. Get friends or family to help encourage or challenge you. Create little challenges to memorize certain portions of the verse by a certain time and give yourself a reward for doing so.

Incorporate the Verse into Your Prayer

When you pray, include elements of the verse you are trying to memorize into your words to God. Pray that God will help you understand and apply the verse to your life and that He will help in fixing the verse in your heart and mind. Do this especially when you are trying to memorize a verse that you are praying for God to help you with. It helps make the verse become more relatable

Find a Way to Connect it to a Situation in Your Life

If you are struggling with a certain aspect of your life, find a verse that speaks to you and use it to help you change that aspect of your life. Once you have mastered that verse, try adding another. Or, if you see a friend or family member having a hard time, you can look up a verse and use it to help make them feel better.

Translate the Verse into Different Languages

Not only is it fun to experience different languages, but seeing the verses in different languages gives you different ways that they can be translated. It is recommended that you start with Hebrew. Translating verses from Hebrew can help with memorizing the verse as it focuses us on engaging more deeply with the meaning of the verse. When we take the time to study the original language and translate the verse ourselves, we carefully consider each word and its meaning. This process of decoding the verse and putting it into our own words helps to cement the meaning of the verse, providing an act of actively engaging with the verse, not just passively reading or listening to the verse. This gives us a stronger connection between the words of the verse and their meaning, making it easier to recall the verse later on.

Read it From Different Versions of the Bible


A similar way to help with actively engaging with memorizing Bible verses is to read them from different Bible versions. You are able to see different ways to interpret the original translation and thus see the different ways to understand the verse. Understanding the context of the Bible verse helps you surround it with what the verse truly means and helps you to remember it.

Meditate on it

Clear your mind except for the verse you are wanting to memorize. Then, with deep and focused thinking, meditate on the verse.

Find a Study Buddy

Find a study buddy that can help encourage, challenge, and talk through for understanding while memorizing verses. When we have someone else to study with, we are more likely to stay motivated and focused on our goals. Plus, having a study buddy can provide different perspectives and insights on the verse, helping us to see it in a new light and deepen our understanding of its meaning. Additionally, it can provide a sense of community and fellowship as we work together to learn and grow in our faith. 


Pick a Topic to Focus On

Pick a topic you want to focus on that you may be struggling with. For example, anxiety. Find verses that focus on that topic and then take those verses and use some of the other ideas above to help memorize them – especially finding the meaning behind those verses.

Erase One Word at a Time

Grab a dry-erase marker and write on a whiteboard or mirror the verse you are wanting to memorize. Make sure it is in a place you frequently visit throughout the day. Say the verse every time you go to that place, and try to commit it to mind. Then when you are familiar with it, you can start to erase a word one at a time. Say the verse again, including the omitted word you’ve memorized, and continue until all have been erased and committed to memory.

Rubber Band Bracelet

When I found this idea, I thought it was a unique one. Grab a rubber band that is big enough to fit around your wrist and wide enough to use a pen to write out the verse you want to memorize on it. You will wear it on your wrist, not being able to see the whole verse, but it will be a reminder of the words that come next. When you are not seeing, you can stretch the band to see your writing.

Summing it Up

Memorizing Bible verses is an important part of deepening our understanding of God’s Word and applying its message to our lives. There are many different ways to approach memorization, from reciting the verse out loud to working with a study buddy, or putting motion or music to the Bible verse. The key is to find a method that works best for you and your learning style. Whatever approach you choose, remember to stay patient, persistent, and prayerful in your efforts to commit these powerful messages to memory. With time and practice, you will find that these verses become a valuable source of comfort, wisdom, and guidance throughout your life. May the Lord bless you as you seek to hide His Word in your heart!

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