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Curious about how to navigate the challenges of modern Christian living with grace and wisdom?

Picture this: You wake up each morning, ready to face the day, only to be bombarded with conflicting messages and values at every turn. Whether it’s at work, in your social circles, or even within your own family, the pressures of modern life often seem at odds with your deeply held Christian beliefs. You find yourself grappling with tough decisions, unsure of how to reconcile your faith with the demands of the world around you. It’s a constant struggle, leaving you feeling overwhelmed and isolated in your journey.

But deep down, you know there must be a way to navigate these challenges with grace and wisdom. You long for guidance and support, a roadmap to help you stay true to your faith amidst the chaos of modern living. If this resonates with you, then you’re not alone. Many Christians face similar struggles every day. But fear not, because there is hope. With the right tools and insights, you can learn to navigate the complexities of modern Christian living with confidence and conviction. 

You're not alone; help is here.

We understand the yearning to create a home filled with joy, shared values, and a profound connection to your faith. That’s why we’ve designed a truly remarkable online event, tailored specifically for families like yours. Imagine gathering together, hand-in-hand, as a community of believers, united in the desire to nurture a vibrant, Christ-centered home life.

Picture heartwarming moments of laughter and love, as you and your children explore practical strategies for infusing every aspect of your family’s journey with the radiant light of God’s presence.

Come on this journey to: 

  • Gain a beacon of hope, guiding you towards a deeper, more fulfilling family experience.
  • Be surrounded by a community of kindred spirits, all devoted to strengthening the sacred bonds that hold families together.
  • Embrace a transformative journey, unlocking the keys to a home life overflowing with inspiration, purpose, and an unbreakable connection to your faith.
  • Deepen your faith and spiritual journey with insightful sessions led by knowledgeable speakers.

We extend a warm invitation for you to join us.

Spring 2024
Vibrant Home Life Summit!

Influence of the Holy Spirit


April 29th-
May 3rd, 2024


A Christian Family Revival, where we aim to cultivate a vibrant home environment filled with faith, love, and joy.


The summit is hosted online, providing the convenience of watching sessions from the comfort of your own home.

You're invited to join us for an inspiring event!

Your Hosts

We’re Jon and Lisa Garrison, joined by our dear brother in Christ, Christian Horstmann. As like-minded Christians, we share a deep passion for spreading the word of God and supporting others on their faith journeys. It’s our collective mission to infuse the world with vibrancy and joy, guided by the direction of God’s love and wisdom. This summit is the culmination of our shared vision—a space where families can find inspiration, connection, and practical guidance to enrich their spiritual lives and create vibrant homes filled with God’s presence. We’re thrilled to have you join us on this journey of faith and discovery. Together, let’s make our world a brighter, more vibrant place!

Jon & Lisa and Christian Horstmann

Head of Sales , Intel

You Will Hear From...

Inspiring Voices for Your Spiritual Journey

Explore the full lineup of 33 speakers and 42 workshops by clicking the button below, each designed to aid you in your journey of growing in faith.

"This event promises to breathe new life into the heart of each person who attends, fostering a collective passion for a vibrant life anchored in God's boundless love and grace. "

Vibrant Home Life Summit Creators

This Summit Will Provide

Ignited Hearts

Revive the hearts of each family member, igniting a collective passion for a vibrant life anchored in God’s love and grace.

Practical Strategies

Learn actionable techniques for nurturing family bonds in God’s presence, living a missional life as a Christian family, and navigating the cultural agenda, providing you with tangible tools to enrich your family life and faith journey.

Inspirational Insights

Hear from experienced speakers who will share inspiring stories and valuable insights on how to impact the world as a Christian family and evangelize the culture while maturing into Christian adulthood, motivating and encouraging you on your own spiritual path.

Expanded Perspective

Engage in thought-provoking discussions and gain a deeper understanding of how to navigate today’s cultural landscape as a Christian, exploring ways to evangelize the culture and make a positive impact while maturing into Christian adulthood, broadening your worldview and strengthening your convictions.

Strength In Your Family

Discover ways to strengthen and deepen your family relationships through nurturing bonds in God’s presence, fostering a sense of mission and purpose, and navigating cultural challenges with confidence and grace, ensuring a vibrant and resilient family unit.


Connect with a community of like-minded individuals who share your passion for nurturing family bonds, living out your faith missionally, and making a difference in the culture, providing support, encouragement, and fellowship as you journey together towards a vibrant home life.

Vibrant Home Life Summit Packages

Firm Foundations Package

Gain access April 29th when the summit opens and have continued access even after the summit.
Get an overview of each summit, the speaker, and further resources all at your fingertips.
Join us daily in the Zoom room to uplift and pray over any struggles or needs you may have.
Discover more about our sponsors and gain exclusive access to their offerings, including special discounts just for you.
Our swag bag contains exclusive items designed to support you on your faith journey.
You'll gain valuable insights, practical strategies, and unwavering support to strengthen your faith.

Firm Foundatons

Basic Level Summit Access
$ 17 One Time Fee
  • Lifetime Access $500 Value
  • Summit Playbook $150 Value
  • Swag Bag $750 Value

Kingdom Access Package

Includes Everything In The Firm Foundations Package, Plus...
Get access to the summit sessions one week before the summit starts.
It's like have all the notes about what was said... at your fingertips.
Get solutions to YOUR questions from the experts who have the answers.
Get an exclusive physical copy of a book sent to your home.
Unlock exclusive products curated by our speakers and sponsors to enrich and elevate your faith journey.
Access the podcasts for one year and listen while cleaning, working, or in the car. Enjoy the convenience of listening to all the sessions while multitasking.

Kingdom Connections

Upgraded Summit Access
$ 47 One Time Fee
  • Lifetime Access $500 Value
  • Summit Playbook $150 Value
  • Swag Bag $750 Value
  • Choice of Physical Book Mailed to Home $20 Value
  • Exclusive Kingdom Access VIP Bonuses $750 Value
  • Summit Podcast $525 Value
  • Transcripts of Each Workshop $1300 Value
  • Summit Trello Board $45 Value
  • Summit Spreadsheet for Planning $30 Value
VIP Access

A transformative journey!

Over One Week!

Join Today!!

Discover practical strategies for fostering stronger family bonds in God's presence and learn how to create a nurturing environment where faith thrives.

Swag Bag Items

Kingdom Connections VIP Package

Summit Playbook