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Vibrant Home Life Summit

Workshop Lineup

Day 1

Nurturing Family Bonds in God's Presence

Nurturing Family Bonds in God’s Presence for Christian families encompasses a multifaceted approach to fostering deep connections, spiritual growth, and harmony within the family unit. It involves engaging in intentional practices that center around faith, communication, and discipleship. Family devotionals serve as a cornerstone for nurturing family bonds in God’s presence, providing opportunities for regular Bible study, prayer, and reflection together. Addressing sibling conflict involves teaching children conflict resolution skills rooted in forgiveness and love. Instilling compassion and social responsibility in teenagers fosters meaningful connection and strengthens family bonds. Creating open lines of communication with teens through relatable stories and dialogue starters enhances understanding and connection. Family discipleship involves intentionally teaching and modeling the Christian faith within the home, deepening spiritual bonds and growth together in Christ. Engaging in regular Bible study and scripture memorization reinforces the importance of God’s Word and unity within the family. By incorporating principles of praise, thanksgiving, and worship from Psalm 100, families enter into God’s presence together. Practical strategies for building strong connections with children of all ages help foster lasting bonds built on love, trust, and understanding. Redirecting focus away from peer influence and back to the parent-child relationship strengthens connection and creates a supportive family environment rooted in God’s love.

Amber Smith

The Inner Work of Great Parenting

The Inner Work of Great Parenting
Your child deserves the best of you, but if you have parented for long you know how hard it can be to achieve. What if you didn’t come equipped with great parenting skills? How do we consistently give our child solid parenting, love, and nurturing when we run low on it ourselves? 
The inner work of parenting is where we dig deeper to grow in maturity, understanding, and knowledge to build lasting relationships. It is where we depend on God to help us see our children in the light of His word. Amber Smith shares how she filled the gaps in her skills and learned to parent in a way that invited the Holy Spirit into her family of twelve.

Anne Markey

Rooted in Faith

Rooted in Faith: The Power of Family Devotionals-A session exploring various devotional practices tailored for families, including Bible reading, reflection, prayer, and worship, with practical guidance on incorporating these practices into daily routines.

Brook Wayne

Sibling Conflict: Breaking Up the Fight

Sibling Conflict: Breaking Up the Fight
Managing sibling squabbles and rivalry can feel like a part-time job, and stressful at that. The time siblings spend together can bring out the worst in these interactions … or it can be a catalyst for healthy growing relationships. Listen to this down-to-earth, solutions-oriented session to explore options that will be right for your family.

Chuck Black

Fighting Apathy: Teaching Your Teens to Care

Fighting Apathy: Teaching Your Teens to Care
More than ever before, raising teenagers that care about their faith is hard, especially in a culture that is quickly becoming increasingly hostile toward Christians. When a child enters those confusing years, the enemy uses dozens of weapons to rob them of their faith. Spiritual apathy is insidious and perhaps the most destructive of all. Chuck and his wife raised six children in this age of technology, learning to fight back against teen apathy and ultimately helping their children’s faith not only survive, but thrive. Chuck shares understanding and techniques to equip parents for these challenging teen years.

Dachelle McVey

Cultivating Connection: Opening Dialogues

In “Cultivating Connection: Opening Dialogues with Teens through Characters and Conflicts,” parents will explore innovative strategies to engage their teens in meaningful conversations about complex cultural and moral issues. This workshop unveils the power of classic and modern literature as a unique tool to initiate dialogue on topics teens might otherwise avoid. By becoming a part of the lives and dilemmas of characters, parents can gently guide their teens to reflect on their values and choices in a safe and relatable context. This session offers practical tips for selecting impactful literature, fostering open discussions, and seamlessly integrating Christian principles into these conversations. Join us to discover how books can become bridges, connecting hearts and minds, and empowering parents to nurture deeper, more meaningful relationships with their teens in God’s presence.


Danika Cooley

The Irreplaceable, Eternal Value of Family Discipleship

The Irreplaceable, Eternal Value of Family Discipleship
The Lord gives us a little over 6,500 days with our kids at home, give or take a few. How are you going to spend yours?
Psalm 48:13b-14, ESV, says:
“…that you may tell the next generation
    that this is God,
our God forever and ever. 
He will guide us forever.”
Our time with our kids is precious. Let’s talk about why–and how–we can take our children through the Bible multiple times before they become adults.

Jan L. Burt

Studying God's Word as a Family

Studying God’s Word as a Family
Citing real-life examples from her own experience as a mom to five children, Jan will share tangible ways that her children grew in their family bonds while studying the Bible together. Key passages for this workshop include Psalm 103 and Luke 2. To this day, Jan’s now adult children recall with fondness the impact family devotions had not only on their walk with the Lord, but their love for their family.

Steve Demme

Coming Into God’s Presence

Coming Into God’s Presence through the Principles of Psalm 100- A Journey of Joy and Refuge. In this workshop, Steve shares his personal journey of drawing near to God through Jesus, guided by the Holy Spirit. Inspired by Psalm 100:4, discover the principles for entering God’s presence with thanksgiving and praise. Experience the joy and refuge found in tasting and seeing that the LORD is good. Come, join us as we embark on this transformative journey together.

Tauna Meyer

Nurturing Strong Connections with your Children

Nurturing Strong Connections with your Children
Discover the secrets to fostering deeper connections and lasting joy within your family! Join us for an inspiring workshop where we’ll explore practical strategies for nurturing relationships, prioritizing one-on-one time, and infusing your family life with meaningful traditions and special moments. From prioritizing family devotions to delighting in each other’s company and fostering positive sibling relationships, this workshop offers valuable insights and actionable tips for building a strong and harmonious family dynamic. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to transform your family relationships and create cherished memories that will last a lifetime!

Tonya Johnson

How to Ditch the Peer-Peer Focus...

How to Ditch the Peer-Peer Focus and Bring the Focus Back to Child-Parent- By the time a family comes to me for help, their teen usually wants nothing to do with them. It’s a lot easier to foster that child-parent relationship when your child is in elementary school and just beginning to explore independence than it is when you have a teenager that never wants to spend time at home. Today we’re going to talk about 6 ways to foster the child-parent relationship in your preteen.

Day 2

Living a Missional Life: Impacting the World as a Christian Family

Living a Missional Life as a Christian Family – means intentionally living out our faith in a way that impacts the world around us. It involves trusting God for our daily provision and cultivating a kingdom mindset, viewing the world through the lens of Christian worldview. It’s about making Bible time engaging and relevant for our children, fostering a love for God’s Word from a young age. It means recognizing the unique role of fathers in spiritual leadership within the family and navigating the challenges of upholding God’s design for marriage and family in a culture that often opposes it. It also includes being prepared for mission work, whether locally or internationally, and embracing the call to love one another as Jesus commanded in John 13:34-35. Lifestyle evangelism plays a crucial role in this mission, as we seek to authentically share the love of Christ through our everyday actions and interactions with others. Together, these workshop themes offer practical insights and guidance for Christian families seeking to live out their faith boldly and make a difference in the world around them.

Annette Breedlove

Trusting Him for Our Daily Bread

Trusting Him for Our Daily Bread
Since 2020, many people have experienced hardships like never before. One day your job is secure and the company is thriving and the next, it’s not. Learning to fully Trust God to provide even the most basic of needs isn’t easy, especially when you’re worried about what to feed your kids. Over the last decade, Annette and her husband have been learning this lesson first-hand. It isn’t always easy, but it is ALWAYS worth it! Listen in as she shares a bit of their testimony and challenges you to lean into your faith, rather than step away. And encourages you in dealing with the emotions that come up along the way.

Caleb & Lindsey Stomberg

Cultivating a Kingdom Mindset

Cultivating a Kingdom Mindset: Christian Worldview
As disciples we are meant to have a “Kingdom Mindset.” Many Christians today have more of a defeatist mindset and live on the defense instead of on the offense. The Christian’s worldview directly applies to how Christians and their families engage the culture. Everyone has a worldview whether they realize it or not, and more than likely their worldview is not consistent with itself. The Bible is our only standard for all of life and truth. We are called to be transformed by the renewing of our minds (Romans 12:2). We can only do this by knowing God’s Word thoroughly and intentionally passing on our beliefs to the next generation so that we leave them with a firmer foundation than what we had with which to fulfill the Great Commission.

Lyndsie Suttle

No More Boring Bible Time

No More Boring Bible Time: Making the Bible Come Alive For Your Kids
In this workshop, we’ll discuss 3 strategies you can use to make your family Bible time interesting and fun for kids of all ages. Learn how to help your kids be engaged in Bible study and activities until the day they’re ready to read it all on their own!


Meredith Curtis

When Dad’s The Pastor

When Dad’s The Pastor
Meredith Curtis shares the joys and challenges of raising children while supporting Dad in his ministry. Her family has opened their hearts and home for ministry, especially worship and hospitality to see lives changed in the context of relationships. She will share some amazing moments and true stories, as well as times she has blown it big time! Join her in an honest look at one family’s decision to love Jesus and serve the people of God.

Scott LaPierre

Marriage and Culture: Upholding God's Design

Marriage and Culture: Upholding God’s Design in a Hostile World
In this interview, Scott LaPierre unpacks why Biblical marriage is the bedrock of a strong family, church, and culture. He explores the ripple effects of Christ-centered marriages, the hostile forces attacking God’s design for marriage, and the crucial role the church must play in upholding and celebrating Biblical marriage amidst an increasingly secular culture.

Shanda Smith

Mission Trip Ready

Mission Trip Ready: Your Introduction to International Travel
Is your first international travel experience approaching?  Let’s look at simple ways you can be prepared to go, enjoy your time away, and return safely from your mission trip.  Join me for simple tips, thoughts on how to make your experience richer, and stress free ways to prepare.

Steve Demme

The New Commandment Found Here

The New Commandment Found Here: John 13:34-35
John 13:34-35 A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another: just as I have loved you, you also are to love one another. By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.

Tonya Johnson

Lifestyle Evangelism

Lifestyle Evangelism: What is It and How Does It Work?
In a nutshell, lifestyle evangelism is sharing the love of Christ with others through our everyday interactions with people. God has given us two resources, time and money, to use to reach people. Today we’re going to talk about 4 examples of sharing Christ in your community without pushing people away.

Day 3

Navigating the Cultural Agenda

Navigating the cultural agenda as a Christian involves understanding and responding to the prevailing cultural norms and values while staying rooted in biblical principles. It means being deeply grounded in one’s faith and not seeking validation or guidance from sources outside of God’s Word. It also involves preparing for potential persecution or opposition for holding onto Christian beliefs, as well as addressing doubts and strengthening one’s faith in the face of challenges. Additionally, it entails recognizing the importance of community in upholding family values and beliefs, even when they conflict with societal norms. Understanding historical perspectives, both biblical and secular, helps Christians navigate the complexities of the past and present. Furthermore, healing family relationships and breaking free from idolatrous influences are integral parts of navigating the cultural agenda as a Christian, ensuring alignment with God’s purpose and values.

Aimee Smith

Deeply Rooted

Deeply Rooted: No Need to Search Elsewhere
In current culture, our children and young adults are seeking love, joy, and peace anywhere that promises them acceptance. Many, however, end up struggling with loneliness, despair, and anxiety as they realize their pursuits were fruitless. How can we as parents help our children develop deep roots in Jesus so they’re not searching elsewhere in culture? We need to return to the basics. In this session, we will consider five ways parents can navigate media, conversations, discipline, relationships, and the Bible to cultivate these deep roots so our children don’t feel a need to search elsewhere.

Andrew Pudewa

Preparing for Persecution

Preparing for Persecution – A Curriculum Proposal
In the future is it imaginable that freedom of speech and freedom of religion could be suppressed where we live? History indicates so. Andrew Pudewa discusses ways to prepare for such a contingency, which may include persecution and even martyrdom. He also explains how to cultivate necessary virtues without sparking burdensome fears. Although this is not a pleasant subject to contemplate, it is an important one.

Christian Horstmann

Four Questions You Need to Answer for Your Children

Four Questions You Need to Answer for Your Children (Even if They Don’t Ask Them)
Who am I? What is the purpose and meaning of life? Why is this world such a hard place to live? Is there any hope that anything can be done to fix it? Join Christian as he explains why a Biblical worldview is the only way to consistently answer these questions, and why it is absolutely crucial for you as a parent to share these answers with your children, even if they have not come to you and asked them (yet).

Chuck Black

Dealing with Doubt

Dealing with Doubt: Strengthening Your Children’s Faith
At fourteen years old Chuck faced an episode of spiritual doubt that lasted for fourteen years. Because of it he could not claim God’s Word as infallible nor witness boldly to anyone seeking answers about Jesus Christ. God preserved Chuck’s faith through it all, but much was lost to those years lived in flimsy faith. It doesn’t have to be so for your child. As parents we have an obligation to equip, prepare, and launch our children into the world fully capable of standing against the spiritual attacks and waves of doubt that they will often face. Discover how to discern if doubt is something your child is dealing with and learn a few basic principles on how to help them overcome and live a faith-filled life, even as a youth.

Leilani Melendez

God’s Purpose For Community

God’s Purpose For Community: Raising Our Family in It When the World Doesn’t Support It
The Bible teaches that we should “bear one another’s burdens”, that we “are one body” and that we are to “love one another just as the Messiah loved us.” But how can we provide that environment for our children when our world is teaching them not to? In this talk, Leilani will examine what a true biblical community and family is, what it is not, and how we can create that environment at home with our family and with close friends.

Linda Hobar

How to Handle the DARK SIDE of History

How to Handle the DARK SIDE of History
Does the dark side of history get you down? Are you unsettled by the morbid details? Fear not! The gloom and doom of world history can be a valuable and effective tool for teaching life lessons and reaching the hearts of your students with the Gospel. Please join Linda Lacour Hobar, author of The Mystery of History, for a pensive and inspirational look at how and why to embrace the dark side of history! (Students age 10 and up are welcome!)

Linda Hobar

When Bible History and World History Meet Face to Face

When Bible History and World History Meet Face to Face
Looking for inspiration in your study of ancient times? Join Linda Lacour Hobar (author of The Mystery of History) to discover what happens when Bible history and world history meet face to face – literally! With a look at Daniel and Belshazzar, Esther and Xerxes, Jesus and Pilate, and more, you will see bible characters and world history figures “meet” on one seamless, thought-provoking timeline. Through stories and activities for all ages, let His-story be revealed.

Rob Rienow

Healing Family Relationships

Healing Family Relationships
Every family struggles with hurt, sin, and conflict. The Christian family must become an expert in giving and receiving forgiveness. In this workshop, we will walk through biblical principles for seeking healing in our family relationships.

Suzanne Gose

Breaking the Chains of Idolatry

Breaking the Chains of Idolatry
Looking for inspiration in your study of ancient times? Join Linda Lacour Hobar (author of The Mystery of History) to discover what happens when Bible history and world history meet face to face – literally! With a look at Daniel and Belshazzar, Esther and Xerxes, Jesus and Pilate, and more, you will see bible characters and world history figures “meet” on one seamless, thought-provoking timeline. Through stories and activities for all ages, let His-story be revealed.

Romans 12:21

Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.

Day 4

Evangelizing the Culture

Evangelizing the Culture as a Christian means actively engaging with the world around us, sharing the message of Christ’s love and salvation in every aspect of our lives. This involves not only proclaiming the Gospel with confidence but also living out our faith in practical ways that impact our families, businesses, and communities. Through fun activities that explore our family’s faith journey, homeschooling as a ministry, and building Christ-centered businesses in a secular world, we demonstrate the light of Christ in all areas of life. Additionally, departing from cultural norms to uphold our convictions, implementing biblical principles in church leadership, and praying for our world as priests under the New Covenant are crucial aspects of evangelizing the culture as Christians. It’s about shining our light brightly in a world that desperately needs the hope and truth found in Jesus Christ.

Brenda Lane

Fun Activities for Everyone

Fun Activities for Everyone: Exploring Your Family’s Faith Through the Ages
This workshop will delve into the rich tapestry of religious practices and beliefs that have shaped civilizations throughout history. From ancient rituals to modern-day expressions of faith, this seminar offers a fascinating journey through time, examining how religious traditions have evolved and adapted across different eras and cultures. Discover the interconnectedness of faith, culture, and society, and gain insights into how past generations’ experiences continue to influence contemporary religious practices. This workshop promises to be enlightening and thought-provoking. Join us as we explore the enduring power of faith through the ages.

Christy Gandara

Let Your Light Shine

Let Your Light Shine – Homeschooling as a Ministry
As homeschoolers, we know the benefits of homeschooling, so how do we share our truth with others? Those who ask, and those who are just observing. Homeschooling is a ministry and without trying, a way for us to share our light, and the light of Jesus with others. Find out how you model Christ but don’t need to quote scripture or preach. This workshop is for the ‘quiet” Christian family who don’t always feel comfortable sharing their faith.

Faith Lee

Building a Christ-Centered Business

Building a Christ-Centered Business in a Secular World
Faith will delve into the principles and practices of infusing faith into your entrepreneurial endeavors. Discover the transformative power of building a business firmly rooted in Christ’s teachings, where integrity, compassion, and service are paramount. Learn how to be the salt and light to the online community, making a positive impact and shining God’s love in the digital sphere. Explore effective strategies for sharing Christ and our faith in a way that resonates with others, fostering receptivity and genuine connection. Don’t miss this opportunity to align your business with your faith values and make a meaningful difference in the secular world.

Roy Vincent

How To Share the Gospel With Confidence

How To Share the Gospel With Confidence
Do you have a heart to share the love of God and the good news of the gospel with others but aren’t sure where to start?
Have you tried to share the gospel in the past but felt unprepared, uncomfortable and ineffective? It doesn’t have to be that way! 
In this workshop, you’ll learn:

  •       How to share the gospel in way that feels comfortable for you
  •       Why sharing the gospel in today’s culture feels challenging
  •       Who you are in Christ
  •       How God has equipped you to share (even if evangelism isn’t your spiritual gift!)
  •       What should be included in a gospel presentation

After completing this workshop, you’ll feel confident and excited about sharing the gospel with the people God places before you!

Sam Sorbo

Departing Hollywood & Standing Up for Our Convictions

Departing Hollywood & Standing Up for Our Convictions
In this candid workshop, veteran actor Sam Sorbo will share her personal story of witnessing the cultural shift in Hollywood firsthand and making the courageous decision to take a public stand for his Christian beliefs.
She’ll answer questions like:

When did you first start to witness the political culture in Hollywood change?

Why did you decide to take a stand despite potential backlash?

What have been the ramifications, both positive and negative, of your bold political and religious stance?
Why is it so important for Christians, including those in the public eye, to have conviction and be willing to go against the cultural current? Sam doesn’t hold back as she describes the professional risks, criticism, and pressures she (and her husband) faced by refusing to stay silent about his faith. However, she’ll also attest to the profound impact of living authentically as a Christian in an increasingly secular industry.
You’ll be inspired by Sam Sorbo’s unwavering commitment to biblical truth and emboldened to also take a stand for Christ, no matter the cost. Her story proves it’s possible to withstand the cultural tide while still impacting the culture for the Kingdom.
Be prepared for a rallying call to bold faith and a life of courageous conviction after this workshop! Sam also provides many great resources to help you with your growth in your faith and how to stand up and move away from the cultural agenda.

Scott LaPierre

The Plurality Principle in Biblical Church Eldership

The Plurality Principle in Biblical Church Eldership
In this interview, Scott LaPierre shares his journey of transitioning from the pastor-led “Moses model” to a multiple-eldership model with several Godly men jointly shepherding the flock. He discusses some of the challenges faced, the immense benefits of plurality in leadership, and the importance of elders themselves being under authority and accountability to one another and to Scripture.

Steve Demme

Praying for our world as Priests under the New Covenant

Praying for our world as Priests under the New Covenant
“I urge that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgivings be made for all people, for kings and all who are in high positions, that we may lead a peaceful and quiet life, godly and dignified in every way. This is good, and it is pleasing in the sight of God our Savior, Who desires all people to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth.” (1 Timothy 2:1-4) Learn more about your calling to pray and be prayed for.

Ephesians 6:12

For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

Day 5

Maturing Into Christian Adulthood

Maturing into Christian Adulthood signifies the progression of individuals within the Christian faith toward spiritual maturity and deeper understanding of biblical principles. It involves the cultivation of a Christ-centered worldview, character development, and the integration of faith into all aspects of life. This journey encompasses personal growth in knowledge, wisdom, and discernment, as well as the application of biblical teachings in decision-making, relationships, and service to others. Maturing into Christian Adulthood is a lifelong process of spiritual formation, marked by an increasing alignment of one’s thoughts, attitudes, and actions with the teachings and example of Jesus Christ.

Amanda Pelser, P.Hom, H.Hom

Creating Strong Roots for Health

Creating Strong Roots for Health: Empowering Your Kids to Make Biblically Aligned Health and Wellness Choices
When your young adult leaves home and must take on the full responsibility of their health and wellness choices, where will they turn for information and support? Will they make choices that align with your family values and a biblical worldview? Developing a biblically aligned wellness philosophy is an often missed part of discipleship and leaves your kids vulnerable to making culturally pressured choices. Amanda Pelser, certified homeopath from Rooted Homeopathy, LLC and seminary-trained Bible researcher,  walks you through the importance of passing on a biblically aligned and hope-filled wellness philosophy to your children, where homeopathy fits into that philosophy, and simple steps to get started using homeopathy in your family in a way that your kids can understand and use for a lifetime too.

Amber Smith

Trusting the Hand of God in Your Adult Child’s Life

Trusting the Hand of God in Your Adult Child’s Life
Each stage of parenting brings new challenges. Raising adults who mature into Christian adults can mean enduring teens who make choices that cause pain. How do we trust God to finish the work He began?
Amber Smith shares her heartbreak and redemption as God weaved the story of her adult children’s walk into maturity. She shares the value of integrity, compassion, trust, and relationships in your home.

Clay Kraby

Elders and Biblical Church Leadership

Elders and Biblical Church Leadership
This workshop explores the biblical mandate for eldership, emphasizing the qualifications and responsibilities of elders as spiritual leaders in the church. Through an examination of Titus 1:5-9 and other passages of Scripture, you will gain a clear understanding of elders’ duties to lead, feed, and guard the congregation. Whether you wish to pursue the role of elder, are tasked with helping choose leadership for your church, or you simply desire to serve faithfully as a part of the congregation, this workshop will help you to do so according to God’s Word.

Kerry Beck

Most Important Tool

Most Important Tool You Can Use to Mature as a Christian
As Matthew West says, “It’s the hardest thing to give away and the last thing on your mind today. It always goes to those who don’t deserve. It’s the opposite of how you feel when they pain they caused is just too real. Takes everything you have to say the word.”
Can you relate? If you’ve been rejected, betrayed, hurt by others, this workshop is for you!
You’ll discover how to receive healing, victory, peace & joy … even in the most difficult of circumstances. Join Kerry as she shares the #1 tool God gave her to overcome betrayal, abandonment and rejection from family, friends & co-workers.

Lisa Garrison

Prayer Practices for Families

Prayer Practices for Families: Cultivating a Vibrant Prayer Life
The transformative power of prayer within the family unit is imperative presently. In this session, we will explore various prayer methods tailored for families, including prayer walks, prayer journals, and family prayer circles. Through interactive discussions and practical demonstrations, participants will gain valuable insights into fostering an atmosphere of prayer within the home and seamlessly incorporating prayer into their daily family life.
We’ll delve into the heart of prayer as a continuous conversation with God, rather than a fleeting phone call. Guided by biblical teachings and practical wisdom, attendees will discover the significance of maintaining an ongoing dialogue with the Almighty, deepening their relationship with Him and nurturing their spiritual growth as individuals and as a family unit.
Whether you’re a seasoned prayer warrior or just beginning to explore the depths of prayer, this workshop offers something for everyone. Come and learn how to make prayer an integral part of your family’s journey toward spiritual maturity and fulfillment in Christ.

Meredith Curtis

How to Raise a God’s Girl

How to Raise a God’s Girl
Meredith Curtis defines what it means to be a God’s Girl and lays out a biblical vision of godly womanhood. She shares how she raised her own God’s girls through mentoring, homeschooling, and relationships in the midst of a very busy life, including caring for her parents at the end of their lives. Let me give you practical ways to pour a deposit of living faith into the hearts of your daughters.

Nathan King

Doing Discipleship Classically

Doing Discipleship Classically: The Classical Model in the Church
The classical model of education provides an excellent framework for teaching God’s Word to students of all ages. Through active memorization, engaging skill development, deep discussion, and application exercises, learn to leverage this profound methodology to instill lifetime Biblical literacy in your students and train them to rely on God’s Word as the foundation for their thinking.

Suzanne Gose

Spiritual Growth- Maturity in Christ

Spiritual Growth- Maturity in Christ This workshop will be a compilation of teens in various stages of their faith. All homeschoolers, answering hard questions about their journey, to help inspire others.