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Nurturing Christian Values In Your Homeschooler

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Christian parents want to raise children who love the Lord and reflect His character. Teaching them about God’s Word and modeling Christian values ourselves is an important value to instill. But it’s not enough to talk about these things; we also need to provide opportunities for our children to put these values into practice and build Christian character in your homeschool.

Start the Day with Prayer

The most important habit of having and teaching your children is to start the day with prayer. Praying as a family is an important way to begin each day and remind your child of God’s presence in their life. Pray together before beginning class or studying, ask for God’s guidance, and thank Him for all His blessings. Getting into this habit helps to build a rock-solid foundation as they get older.

Make Bible Study a Priority

Just as important is to make Bible study a priority. In our home, if the only lesson we could complete were Bible study, it would be a win. Make sure to include Bible study in your daily lesson plans. The Bible is full of examples of Godly character, and by studying it, you can help your child apply these virtues to their everyday life.

Take the Time to Discuss Current Events

Take the time to discuss current events with your child from a Christian perspective so they can learn how faith relates to real-world situations. Have conversations about how God is speaking through the news and discussing what He might be calling us to do as His people. There are many evil things happening in our world, and if your child is learning it from a non-Christian source, they are being misled.

Find Time to Serve

Finding time to serve others is essential to living a Christian life, so plan activities for your homeschoolers that involve helping those in need. Whether volunteering at a food pantry or writing letters to the elderly, these experiences will help your child discover their role as a follower of Christ.

Model Good Behavior

Ultimately, it’s up to you and your spouse to model good behavior for your children. Show them what living according to God’s Word looks like by displaying humility, kindness, patience, and love – no matter the situation or circumstance.

By teaching and modeling Christian values, you can help your children grow in their faith and live a life that reflects God’s character. Practice incorporating these tips into your homeschooling routine today, and watch as your child blossoms into a shining example of His love!

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