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How to Create Your Own Family Puzzle

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Shared Creative Endeavor

Creating your own family puzzle can be a wonderful and engaging activity that brings loved ones together in a shared creative endeavor. With a step-by-step guide, you can embark on this exciting journey as a family, crafting a personalized puzzle that holds special meaning and memories. From choosing the image to assembling the pieces, each step will be filled with joy, collaboration, and a sense of accomplishment. So, gather your family members, grab your materials, and get ready to embark on a fun and memorable adventure as you create your very own family puzzle together.

Choose a Meaningful Image

Selecting a photo or design that holds significance for your family is a beautiful way to infuse meaning and sentimental value into your puzzle. It could be a cherished family picture that captures a special moment of togetherness and love, a favorite snapshot from a memorable vacation where God’s creation left you in awe, or even a heartfelt drawing created by one of the family members. Each image represents a unique memory that God has blessed your family with, and by incorporating it into your puzzle, you are reminded of His faithfulness and the moments He has graced you with.

Cherished Memories

God encourages us to cherish our memories as a way to reflect on His goodness, faithfulness, and the ways He has worked in our lives. Throughout the Bible, we see the importance of remembering and commemorating significant events and experiences. The Israelites, for example, were instructed to observe feasts and celebrations to remember God’s deliverance and provision. By creating a puzzle that features meaningful photos or designs, your family is participating in this act of remembrance and gratitude. As you piece together the puzzle, you not only engage in a fun and creative activity but also engage in a spiritual practice of recalling and appreciating the blessings and memories God has bestowed upon your family. It becomes a tangible reminder of His presence in your lives and a way to pass down these cherished memories to future generations.

Gather Your Materials

You’ll need a sturdy piece of cardboard or a blank puzzle template, which can be found at craft stores or ordered online. If you are printing a puzzle template, you will need scissors and an exacto knife. Ensure it’s large enough to accommodate your chosen image.

When it comes to determining the size of a puzzle that a family can create, it’s important to consider the ages and abilities of the family members involved, as well as the level of challenge desired. Here are a few recommendations for puzzle sizes based on different factors:

Family with Young Children: If you have young children in the family, it’s best to start with smaller puzzle sizes that they can easily handle and engage with. Consider puzzles with 25 to 100 pieces, depending on the age and skill level of the youngest participants. This size allows for a sense of accomplishment while keeping the puzzle manageable for little hands and shorter attention spans.

Mixed-Age Family: If your family consists of children, teenagers, and adults, you can opt for puzzles ranging from 200 to 500 pieces. This size offers a moderate level of challenge that can be enjoyed by everyone in the family. It allows for a longer-lasting activity that fosters collaboration and problem-solving among family members of different ages.

Experienced Puzzle Solvers: If your family consists of avid puzzle enthusiasts or older children and adults who enjoy a higher level of difficulty, you can explore puzzles with 500 pieces or more. Larger puzzles with 1,000 or even 2,000 pieces can provide a satisfying and engaging challenge for experienced puzzle solvers.

Ultimately, the ideal puzzle size for a family depends on the dynamics and preferences of the family members involved. It’s important to strike a balance between offering an appropriate level of challenge and ensuring that everyone can actively participate and contribute to the puzzle-solving experience.

Prepare the Image

Print your selected image to fit the size of the puzzle template. Make sure it is well-centered and aligned. If you are printing your own image to create a custom puzzle instead of using a pre-made template, there are a few additional steps to consider. Once you have selected your image, you will need to print it to fit the size of the puzzle template you have chosen. Using photo editing software or a print settings option, adjust the image dimensions to match the desired puzzle size. Ensure that the image is well-centered and aligned, allowing for an even distribution of the picture across the puzzle pieces.

Freedom To Personal Significance


Printing your own image gives you the freedom to select a design that holds personal significance for your family. It could be a memorable family photo, a breathtaking landscape, or a meaningful symbol. By aligning and centering the image correctly, you can ensure that the puzzle will capture the essence of the picture and provide an enjoyable and visually pleasing experience for everyone involved.

Remember to use high-quality printing materials and settings to achieve the best results. Once the image is printed and aligned with the puzzle template, you can proceed to cut the puzzle pieces following the template’s guidelines. The result will be a unique and personalized puzzle that showcases your chosen image and holds special meaning for your family.

Attach the Image

After printing your selected image to fit the size of the puzzle template, it is important to ensure that the image is applied smoothly and without any air bubbles or wrinkles. To do this, you can use adhesive or glue to attach the printed image to the cardboard or puzzle template. Carefully spread the adhesive or glue evenly on the surface, ensuring full coverage.

As you lay the printed image onto the template, gently press it down, starting from the center and working your way outwards. This helps to eliminate any air bubbles that may have formed during the application. Smooth out the image with your hands or a clean cloth, taking care to remove any wrinkles or creases that may have occurred.

Once the image is securely attached, it is crucial to let it dry completely before proceeding. This allows the adhesive or glue to set and ensures that the image adheres firmly to the puzzle template. Drying times may vary depending on the type of adhesive or glue used, so it is recommended to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Taking these steps to remove bubbles and ensure the complete drying of the puzzle image helps to maintain the quality and longevity of the puzzle. It ensures that the image remains securely in place, providing a smooth and enjoyable puzzle-solving experience for your family.

Cut the Puzzle Pieces

Carefully cutting the puzzle pieces is an essential step in the process and allows you to customize the size and difficulty level according to your preferences.

Using scissors or a utility knife, carefully follow the lines of the puzzle template to cut out each piece. Take your time and ensure clean, straight cuts to create well-defined puzzle shapes. Depending on the desired level of difficulty, you can make the pieces larger for an easier puzzle-solving experience or smaller for a more challenging endeavor.

last piece

Tailored To You

The size of the puzzle pieces can also be tailored to suit the age range and skill level of the family members involved. For younger children or those new to puzzles, larger pieces provide a sense of accomplishment and encourage their participation. On the other hand, older children and adults might enjoy the added challenge of smaller, intricately cut pieces that require more concentration and problem-solving skills.

By customizing the size of the puzzle pieces, you can create an engaging and enjoyable experience for the whole family, making sure that everyone can actively participate and contribute to the puzzle-solving process.

Personalize the Pieces

Optionally, you can write inspiring Bible verses, quotes, or messages on the back of each puzzle piece to add a meaningful touch. See the list below for some recommendations.

Assemble and Solve

Once the puzzle pieces are ready, gather around as a family and start assembling the puzzle together. Enjoy the process of solving the puzzle you created, and cherish the conversations and laughter that emerge along the way.

Preserve and Display

Once you have completed the puzzle, consider preserving it by either framing it or using a puzzle adhesive to secure the pieces together permanently. This will allow you to display your family’s creation as a beautiful keepsake in your home.

Cherish Your Memory for Years

Framed puzzle

Creating your own puzzle as a family is a wonderful way to combine creativity, teamwork, and quality time. It allows you to express your unique family identity while enjoying the satisfaction of working together to complete a meaningful project.

Creating your own family puzzle together is not just a fun activity but also a beautiful way to craft a cherished memory that will be treasured for years to come. As you assemble the pieces and bring your chosen image to life, you’ll witness the bonds of love and collaboration strengthen among family members. 

The Final Piece

The final puzzle becomes a tangible reminder of the joy, laughter, and shared moments experienced during the process. Framed and displayed in your home, it serves as a lasting memento, evoking memories of the time spent together, fostering conversations, and bringing smiles to your faces whenever you glimpse at it. The family puzzle you create will be more than just a puzzle; it will be a symbol of love, unity, and the enduring connection you share as a family. So, embrace this opportunity to embark on a creative journey together and create a cherished memory that will warm your hearts for years to come.

Enjoy the journey of creating and solving your very own family puzzle!

Enjoyed this one?

Learn Why would a family choose to create their own puzzle?  By designing their own puzzle, families can choose images that hold special meaning and significance, such as cherished family photos, inspiring quotes, or symbols of their faith. This customization adds a personal touch, making the puzzle a reflection of their unique family identity. 

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