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Our Vision

Vibrant Home Life

We envision empowering Christian Homeschool families to cultivate a joyful and thriving home life through innovative resources, support, and community, reflecting God’s love and transforming families and communities for generations.

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Our Mission

Dedicated to cultivating a joyful and thriving home life, we passionately pursue our mission by providing dynamic support, fostering a vibrant community, and empowering families with transformative tools. Rooted in the boundless love of God, our initiatives are designed not only to impact individual families but to extend a ripple effect that transforms communities for generations to come. Join us on this inspiring journey as we strive to create homes where joy flourishes, support is abundant, and the transformative power of God’s love is woven into the fabric of families, leaving an enduring legacy that echoes through the ages.

Prayer Requests

Click the button below to submit a prayer request. You are not alone in your journey. We would love to pray for you.


Need advice and direction, reach out we love to be a support to you. Plus, we know people, who know people, who know people…


We offer products and services that reflect our commitment to excellence, innovation, and integrity and foster a culture of collaboration, respect, and compassion within our organization and with our customers.

The Faces Behind Vibrant Home Life

Christian Horstmann

Christian Horstmann was blessed to be homeschooled from the very beginning in a household grounded in faith and dedicated to loving Jesus Christ. He seeks to bring glory to God and inspiration to His people by using his website to speak and write about family-centered topics such as building stronger relationships, practical home life, and the challenges and blessings of homeschooling. He loves to spend time with his family, enjoying God’s creation in the beautiful countryside, or reading a great book together. Join Christian on his mission to inspire families everywhere to live purposefully and joyfully at Christian Family Reformation.

Jon & Lisa Garrison

Jon & Lisa Garrison are blessed to be a Christian homeschooling family with four boys. Working hard to provide for their special needs family. God put it on their hearts to help others. Providing help, support, and resources as needed by those blessed to cross paths with. Their journey has not been easy, but they have found that the journey God has put them on is a reflection of the grace He provides. Enjoying the grace provided, spending time with their family, and helping with leading their bible study group. It is their mission to provide support and help. Teaching and learning what God has put them on Earth to do. You can learn more about their story at God’s Given Grace.

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Dive into our blogs, where we share innovative resources and insights crafted to transform your home life. We believe in the power of community to uplift, inspire, and empower. Whether you’re seeking practical tips, heartfelt stories, or a dose of encouragement, our blogs are designed to resonate with you on your unique journey.

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Discover a wealth of digital and physical products that will enhance your faith journey at the Vibrant Home Life store. Come explore our offerings and elevate your path to spiritual enrichment.

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We curate recommendations to elevate your home life and foster a vibrant connection with God. As fellow Christians on this journey, we understand the challenges and joys of today’s Christian families. We’re not just recommending products; we’re sharing the tools and insights that have enriched our own journeys. Join us in building a legacy of strong faith, teaching the next generation to stand firm in their beliefs.

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Embark on a transformative journey with us by tuning in to our podcasts – The Vibrant Home Life, Family Discipleship Podcast, and Grace in Every Season. We are more than just podcast hosts; we are fellow travelers on the path of faith. Our podcasts are crafted with love, experience, and a deep commitment to fostering growth in every listener. Ready to grow your faith, receive expert advice, and get to know us better? Tune in to The Vibrant Home Life, Family Discipleship Podcast, and Grace in Every Season. Subscribe, listen, and become a part of our community.

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When we pray with just one more person, we amplify the power of prayer, but not in the way we may think.” Psalm 145:18

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